Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wiggle Worms - Elephants

Reminder:  There is NO Wiggle Worms next Monday which will make Tuesday even busier than usual.  Please register for Tuesday to ensure your child's spot: July 2013 schedule of events

Animal Song with Puppets:  "Pig on her Head"
Letter of the Day: Ee for elephant
Book: I Dream of An Elephant by Ami Rubinger. We dream up elephants of all different colors in this rhyming book. 
I changed the words on two pages though. Instead of the brown elephant being so big and lazy that he had to sit down, he was simply tired.  The pink elephant was a great dancer, not a clumsy one, in my version. 

The kids were awesome listeners both days!  To help hold their attention, I made flannel elephants to place up on the board as I read about them in the book.

Some close-ups

Music / Movement:  After reading about colorful elephants, we all used scarves to become elephants ourselves to dance to "Elephant's Have Wrinkles".

Rhyme (SCLibrary):  Here Comes the Elephant
Here comes the elephant
He moves so slow
He swings his trunk to and fro
He is so big he can hardly jump
He sits down with a great big THUMP
Flannel:  We ended with the same flannel as last wee, "See You Later, Alligator"


  1. Oh my stars!! What awesome felt elephants!! They are too adorable!! Thanks for sharing your work!! :)