Saturday, January 26, 2019

Love Monster and the Perfect Present (Valentine's Day)

Love Monster and the Perfect Present by Rachel Bright
(Valentine's Day)

I both want to share this flannel and offer additional sets for sale.  I'm a little late in the game making these sets, but they are perfect for valentine's Day and I can ship immediately.  Info below after blog post. 💓🎁💗

Summary:  (From B&N)  Everyone in Cutesville is excited for the most special day of the year: Present Day! Love Monster goes on a hunt for the perfect gift for his special someone, but as it turns out, finding the perfect gift is not easy. And the only thing worse than a not-perfect present is no present at all. But Love Monster soon comes up with the idea for the best gift ever―one that comes straight from his furry heart.

If you already have the red Love Monster I made last  year for Love Monster and the Last Chocolate and you only need the orange Love Monster and "perfect present", I can just send those.

Orange Love Monster is gifted the perfect present from Red Love Monster

Opening the present

The "wrapping paper" is velcroed on so you can "unwrap" the present

These Love Monsters were made with lots of love just in time for Valentine's Day... or a friendship theme...

For purchase:
Text: 480-516-3713
Or comment below

Thank you for your support! 💝

(I don't have extra books to mail with the sets, but you can get it pretty quickly on Amazon or from the library or I could ship it to you with Amazon prime for $16.00)

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