Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Colorful Ghosts (Flannel)

Color-changing Ghosts Flannel 
(aka “The Chocolate Chip Ghost”) 
***For SALE!!***
The chocolate chip ghost is a well-known story/book. The premise is that ghosts are white, but when they get curious/adventurous and try other foods they turn different colors. Watch my videos or google to see how others use this flannel.

I play this as an interactive game with my own kids where they touch the pieces and pictures (can be done with small storytime groups as a game as well) and I use it on the flannel board in front of larger groups. 

Video: Game Version

***I made extra sets to sell.*** The set will come with 9 standard/solid color ghosts and    1 “surprise” ghost. Your Surprise Ghost can be anything you want your white ghost to eat. For example: ice cream cone, cheese, chocolate chip cookies, watermelon, etc. The set will also include laminated pictures to match with the ghosts.

Ghosts are 8inches tall.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ice Volcano Activity

Ice Volcanoes

I came across this volcano extension activity Ice Volcanoes on  These instructions make for easy prep, easy clean up, and lasted us about 25 minutes playtime.  My kids and I talked about textures, chemical reactions, and they shared their "extensive" knowledge on volcanoes.

These volcanoes are the usual baking soda / vinegar reaction, but with an icy twist making them unique and wonderful for summertime play!

Check out the above website for more details, but the general idea is....

Fill muffin pan with baking soda on bottom and water on top.  Add a drop of food coloring, mix, freeze.  "Pop" volcanoes out by turning running bottom under warm water (we turned them upside down on a pan and laid a hot wet towel over the bottom and gave it a good whack).  Use condiment bottles, eye droppers, etc. with vinegar to make them "erupt".

My kids played with them long after they stopped fizzling, enjoying the cold discs and splashing around (slightly messy, but we hopped in the pool after that!!).

Five Volcanoes (flannel)

Flannel: Five Volcanoes
5 volcanoes ready to erupt (hold up 5 fingers)
Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble (bubble fingers up)
Boom! (Clap hands above head) 
(slap flannel lava on top of volcano)
And the lava comes down (trickle fingers down)

Watch my adorable 4 year old do this rhyme in this video
 5 Volcanoes video

(The original rhyme templet came from Mel's Desk and is called "5 Kernels)