Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baby Time

Today was a smaller group, but I got to meet some new babies and see some "old" friends which was really nice!  I chose to do rhymes and songs most of us know so that the babies could ease back into the routine after a month "off".

Check out this cute baby playing with our Teen Volunteer, Lucia, during social time:

Of course Mr. Bear and Roly Poly Beetle sang their signature songs:

Roly Poly
Roly poly roly poly up up up (roll baby's hands)
Roly poly roly poly down down down
Roly poly roly poly out out out
Roly poly roly poly in in in
Roly poly roly poly clap clap clap
Roly poly roly poly lap lap lap

Bouncing / Lapsit Rhymes

Popcorn, popcorn put in in the pot (bounce)
Shake it, shake it (gently wiggle baby)
Pop! Pop! POP! (lift baby up)

Rain is Falling Down
Rain is falling down (wiggle fingers downward)
Rain is falling down
Pitter patter, pitter patter (clap softly)
Rain is falling down
Splaassh! (clap hands together and up for a big splash!)

The Alligator

It's no secret this is one of my favorites (courtesy of Miss Trish at Sunset Branch, Chandler).  You can crawl after mobile babies and catch them or let them crawl after you!

The alligator's jaws go snap, snap, snap
The alligator's tail goes thwack, thwack, thwack
Gotchya! (big hug!)

"The Itsy Bitsy Spider" by Hap Palmer.  My not so itsy bitsy spider helped.


Lunch by Denise Fleming.  I love this hungry little mouse.  Lucia helped mouse (my puppet) devour all his favorite fruits and veggies (flannel board pieces) as I read.
Prop Rhyme:
The babies helped me say goodbye in some fun ways with these animals:
See you later, alligator
Bye bye, butterfly
Give a hug, lady bug
Take care, brown bear
See you soon, racoon

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