Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Three interactive books I ADORE reading with my toddler:

My favorite part of my whole day is when I pick my two-year-old up from daycare and he juke moves around all classroom obstacles to leap into my arms with gleeful cheers of, "Mommy!  Mommy!"

Grayden reading A Good Day to his doggie

The second favorite part of my day is when this same feisty, silly, free-spirited toddler settles into bed and reads with me.  I am loving picture books in a whole new way and can't fill our library bag up enough as far as I'm (and he's) concerned, but there are three books that I ADORE reading with him these days:

A Good Day by Kevin Henkes. Squirrel drops her acorn, bird loses his favorite feather, fox can't find his mama, and dog gets tangled.  Simple, large, colorful illustrations accompany gentle, comprehensible text.

Why I love this book:There is nothing sweeter than watching your toddler empathetically declare, "Oh noo," after hearing about these scenarios and then clap happily when each is resolved. 
A Kiss Like This by Mary Murphy.  Elephant kisses are long, fish kisses are bubbly, and bee kisses are buzzy.  The split-page format leads to lots of surprises!

Why I love this book:  Simple answer: As soon as I pull it out of the library bag, my toddler plants a kiss right on my cheek.  We then share all sorts of giggly animal kisses as we read.  He just started trumpeting his arm around like an elephant's before planting his "kiss".
What Will Fat Cat Sit On? by Jan Thomas.  A group of animals expresses their desire to not be sat on by Fat Cat.
Why I love this book:  It's hilarious to see a toddler answer, "Nooo", with an incredulous little smirk when you ask, "Will Fat Cat sit on the pig (chicken, cow, dog, etc.)?" 

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