Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Drumming with the Animals

Drumming with the Animals

If you know me, you know I love finding songs that I can use with my puppets!  This weekend I found a song by Kimmy Schwimmy called "Drumming with the Animals" that I'm crazy about!  The animal part moves a little faster than I could use puppets for, so I made flannel pieces instead.  You can purchase the song from Amazon for 99 cents or play it from YouTube.  Watch my video below so you can see why I love this song so much!

It's fantastic for using rhythm sticks with (which is why I double love it!).... but if you don't have rhythm sticks / dowels, you can just use your hands for drumming, clapping, etc.

I made a couple extra sets that are for sale.  These pieces took a lot of time to make, so I figured I'd make a couple extra sets for those who want them.  It also ties in perfectly with the SRP slogan: Libraries Rock.  I hadn't considered that when I made the flannel's a song I'll use year round.  And of course the flannel pieces can be used in many other ways and not only this song!

Here is how I use this song:  My video

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