Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Mouse's First Spring

Mouse's First Spring by Lauren Thompson

I both want to share my flannel and sell additional sets. This is a perfect book for spring which is right around the corner! Info below after post. 🌼

Summary: One bright day, Mouse and Momma go out to play. The wind blows something feathery and plump (a bird), something wiggly and pink (a worm), and something green that hops and leaps (a frog).  But before it's time to go back inside, Mouse finds something with petals that's soft and new.... the prettiest flower he's ever see!  Could it mean that spring is finally here?

The mouse is about 16 inches ear to toe

Frog flannel piece

Snail flannel piece

Worm flannel piece

This set accompanies (and is being sold WITH) Mouse's First Spring by Lauren Thompson.  You can see the board book version here, but I'm selling the set with the hardcover.

This is my set for personal use and I have additional sets just like it.  If you would like a set and want something a little different, I can customize (ex. you might want a full flower with all the petals or the petals to be light blue... I can work with stuff like that!).  Order asap as this set takes a bit of time to make.

For purchase, email at or comment below.  I appreciate your business! 🌷

$56.00 (includes shipping within the US with tracking number AND hardcover book format.

Just because I love these guys....

Now that Chicken Big can read, he and Chicken Little love to do their own storytimes with my materials.  He usually reads to her and she does the props. 🐔🐤