Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Super Hero Event

We hosted a Super Hero Event at our library last week.  It was highly successful and I want to especially thank our our energetic, responsible  teen volunteers and our Branch Manager and Teen Services Librarian who really owned this event!  After weeks of detailed planning, brainstorming, purchasing, assembling, cutting, creating, painting.... this is what the event looked like:

550-600 kids
900-1000 people total

Scavenger Hunt:

Kids / families got a scavenger hunt and a pencil on the way in.  As they located all the over-sized super hero logos on the walls around the library, they marked them off.  Once they had found all 10, they could redeem them for a free BounceU pass for each child.

Photo Ops at Super Hero Head Quarters:

Kids had the chance to take pictures using various props like action word cutouts, t-shirt capes, and bar bells.  Supergirl and Batgirl posed with children as well. Kids also hung out in the Batcave.
                                                                       Your cape-wearing Librarian. 
Check out this picture of Grayden flying.

The Hulk was very popular!


Tootsie Pop Super Heroes:
I didn't really get a close up of the kids making them, but they were tootsie pops with capes and eyes.

Masks: (the teen volunteers tirelessly cut these over the past few weeks):

Coloring sheets and super hero puzzles:

Kyrptonite Toss:

Spiderman's Spider Web:

We used masking tape to create a web and Spiderman encouraged the kids throw cotton balls into it in between posing for pictures.  This teen volunteer was great!!!  I kept hearing him cheer the kids on with phrases like, "Don't give up! Spiderman never gives up!" and offering "Spidey high-fives."  He was even showing the kids Spiderman's signature web-throwing hand gesture.

                                                                                     Spiderman helping a child throw her cotton ball

Obstacle Course

 Kids had to crawl through the tunnel, jump into the hula hoop, take a running leap over the fire pit, do a jumping jack, stop and balance, lift a heavy boulder over their heads and then meet a teen at the end who would ask, "Are you ready to catch Spiderman's web?" and then shoot silly string up into the air.  Each child got a sticker for heroically mastering the course. Most kids went through multiple times!

Captain America earns his sticker!

 This teen volunteer was so awesome!  She did the obstacle course alongside the kids for almost three straight hours.  Here she is showing a little girl how to life the boulder over her head.

Guest Speaker:
Sierra Wilson is a true hero and brings out the hero and kindness in others!  She honored us with a visit to share her story with our young customers and read a picture book.  You can watch her story here when she was featured on Channel 5 news.

Thank you to all the staff who helped pull this off!  You're fantastic!