Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wiggle Worms

It's been a great couple of days back to weekly programs after focusing on school-age children last month. 

Our toddlers welcomed back their old friends:  Mr. Bear and Roly Poly Beetle:

Animal Song with Puppets:  "Pig on Her Head" (Alternate version)

I shared a new song with the toddler groups and I think they loved it!!  I've had this song in my collection all along, but it took Thrive After Three to demonstrate how fun it is.  I just used my hand puppets and had a teen volunteer bounce around with me and let animals sit momentarily on the heads of some kids who welcomed the visitors.

P.S. Teen Volunteers rock!

The song ends with a full on nose-nuzzle which I think is adorable!

The full crew:
Yours truly with a pig on her head

Book: Brown Bear by Bill Martin.  I have never ever read this book in storytime before this week because I feel kind of Brown-Beared out, but I thought it would be nice to share a book most kids know after a month "off" from storytime

Cube Song:  Look at my new official cube!  Yesterday it landed on "Here is the Beehive" and today it landed on "There Was a Little Turtle"

Letter of the Day:  Pp for pig (like the ones on our heads) and popcorn (like the song we popped to!)

Movement / Music:

"Popcorn"  - we made lots of it!
"Fingerplay" - after lots of pointing and tapping, we pointed to someone we love!  Aww

Flannel:  "See You Later, Alligator"

The kids and their caregivers helped me say goodbye in some very fun ways!

See you later, alligator
Give a hug, ladybug
Take care, brown bear
Bye bye, butterfly
See you soon, raccoon

See you all next week! 

Email me any pictures you take in storytime and don't mind sharing.  I'd love to post them!




  1. Miss Tara,
    Where did you get your cube?
    from Miss Lisa in NC

  2. There were not cheap, but are big and durable. The are called "Get up and go dice" by Discount School Supply. $37.99 for two dice. 7" X 7" X 7". Item # GODICE