Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Johnny Ate a Booger

Johnny Ate a Booger:

I've been wanting to make this flannel ever since my son came home from school singing it about a year and a half ago.

The nose part is actually a pocket that I put six scarves in.  Preschoolers would have fun just naming the colors while saying the rhyme.  Older kids like 1st grade would find it more challenging if they had to spell the colors.  Obviously know your demographic because some groups might find it fun, while others might find it distasteful.

"Johnny ate a booger
It tastes like sugar
What color was that booger?"

I posted twice on my FB page with 2 different videos (one with my daughter, one solo) if you want to check that out or try the link below.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas - Flannel - Extension Activities - Share and Sell

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas
by Aaron Blabey

Another great book by Aaron Blabey!

If you are interested in purchasing this piranha flannel or any of the extension activities, please contact me!
@TaraFoxandBear (Facebook message me)

All my flannels are for sale so message me any time!

This book is fantastically funny and fantastic for rhyming, spelling, and vocabulary extension activities.  I am lucky enough to currently instruct in a preschool classroom and work with smaller groups (17 children), but all these activities can be tweaked to work with any size group.

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas- Amazon
Everyone knows that piranhas don't eat bananas -- except for Brian. This little fish loves to munch not only on bananas, but on fruit of all kinds! Brian's piranha friends think he's crazy. Piranhas don't eat bananas -- their sharp teeth are for eating meat! And there's a scrumptious pair of feet dangling in the water nearby...

I made Brian the Piranha with a pouch behind his mouth
to hold either index cards, flannel fruit, or fake fruit 
(the fake has to be hollow and light for the flannel to hold it up)

I played this game with my preschoolers two ways. 

1) I gave them all a fake fruit (I have a cornucopia) and they held on to them until I described the physical characteristics of the fruit and brought it up and put it in a bag.

2) I gave them all a fake fruit and then used my index cards to sound out the fruit name (the beginning letter and written word are on the other side), flipped it over to show the picture, put it in Brian's mouth, and then they brought up the fruit

If you don't  have play fruits, you can (or I can) make flannel fruits for this matching game

Since this is a rhyming book, this flannel also works as a rhyming game.  I held up one index card (ex. blocks) and the child with the matching word (socks) would bring up their card and we'd both put our index cards in Brian's mouth.

I played this game with my 3rd graders class too.  But we chanted:

Brian ate a fruit
It was a hoot!
Who can spell this fruit!?

Then I held up the fake fruit and a student had to name it and spell it and then put the corresponding index card in Brian's mouth.

BTW Brain likes plumbs, but the other piranhas like BUMS, so the silliness translates well to older kids too.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Very Impatient Caterpillar (Flannel to Share / Sell)

The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach

New book I found. It’s hilarious and covers great concepts like patience, metamorphosis, and migration. 

This was probably one of my favorite flannels to make and I really love how it turned out. I only made the one set, but I am happy to make more for sale. I’ll even throw in a copy of the book.  The flannels are much more vibrant than they appear on the screen.  Phone camera... you know!

Email me at if interested!  You can also comment here, but I check my business email more often.

*(It uses all correct terminology like chrysalis and migration.  I posted a video of myself using the word "cocoon").  

Amazon link

My son is kind of goofy in the video, but you can see that the CHRYSALISES have two pouches with a divider in the middle so that the butterflies go in the back and the caterpillars go in to the front and then the butterfly emerges.

Check out my business facebook page for the actual video that works and for other ideas.

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Love Monster and the Perfect Present (Valentine's Day)

Love Monster and the Perfect Present by Rachel Bright
(Valentine's Day)

I both want to share this flannel and offer additional sets for sale.  I'm a little late in the game making these sets, but they are perfect for valentine's Day and I can ship immediately.  Info below after blog post. 💓🎁💗

Summary:  (From B&N)  Everyone in Cutesville is excited for the most special day of the year: Present Day! Love Monster goes on a hunt for the perfect gift for his special someone, but as it turns out, finding the perfect gift is not easy. And the only thing worse than a not-perfect present is no present at all. But Love Monster soon comes up with the idea for the best gift ever―one that comes straight from his furry heart.

If you already have the red Love Monster I made last  year for Love Monster and the Last Chocolate and you only need the orange Love Monster and "perfect present", I can just send those.

Orange Love Monster is gifted the perfect present from Red Love Monster

Opening the present

The "wrapping paper" is velcroed on so you can "unwrap" the present

These Love Monsters were made with lots of love just in time for Valentine's Day... or a friendship theme...

For purchase:
Text: 480-516-3713
Or comment below

Thank you for your support! 💝

(I don't have extra books to mail with the sets, but you can get it pretty quickly on Amazon or from the library or I could ship it to you with Amazon prime for $16.00)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Colorful Ghosts (Flannel)

Color-changing Ghosts Flannel 
(aka “The Chocolate Chip Ghost”) 
***For SALE!!***
The chocolate chip ghost is a well-known story/book. The premise is that ghosts are white, but when they get curious/adventurous and try other foods they turn different colors. Watch my videos or google to see how others use this flannel.

I play this as an interactive game with my own kids where they touch the pieces and pictures (can be done with small storytime groups as a game as well) and I use it on the flannel board in front of larger groups. 

Video: Game Version

***I made extra sets to sell.*** The set will come with 9 standard/solid color ghosts and    1 “surprise” ghost. Your Surprise Ghost can be anything you want your white ghost to eat. For example: ice cream cone, cheese, chocolate chip cookies, watermelon, etc. The set will also include laminated pictures to match with the ghosts.

Ghosts are 8inches tall.

Email me at 
for purchase
Thanks for your support!! 👻🍉🍫🍎🍦🍪🧀🍌👻

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