Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wiggle Worms - Some Halloween - ish stuff!

Here are some activities we did this week in the Wiggle Worms (toddler) programs:
Animal Puppet Song:  "If I Was a Bird"
From the Wiggleworms Love You album
 Letter of the Day:  Pp (for pumpkin)
Mr. Bear:  Appropriately, still dressed as a pumpkin!
Book:  Spooky Spooky Spooky! by Cathy MacLennan:  Rhyming text and large, whimsical illustrations point out a variety of spooky (lets face it - cute) critters on Halloween night.
When Miss Allison flipped the lights (it gets dark in the book and fireflies appear), my Folkmanis firefly came out:
Music/Movement/Manipulatives Activity: 
We stomped, clapped, shook, and crept with the monsters in Mr. Eric's "We Are Monsters"
Plush monsters are from Oriental Trading

Flannel:  Star Monster

A-hunting we will go
A-hunting we will go
We'll catch a monster
and give her a (color) star
And then we'll let her go!

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  1. We love the "We are monsters" song! We found it on bandcamp and have been dancing all week!