Thursday, October 3, 2013

Owls: Pre-K and Family

Yup, it's that time of year again.  October just seems like the perfect time to read about owls.

We started by looking at all different kinds of owls:

We ascertained that Hedwig from Harry Potter is a Snowy Owl and identified what kind of owl Ollie the Owl is.  Can you Figure it out?
That's right!  He's a Great Horned Owl!

Memory Box: Hedgehog from Little Owl's Night

Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood: A curious little owl decides to stay awake and enjoy all the colors of daytime.
Tip: Before reading, prepare the kids to only shout out the appropriate color when you point to the group so they aren't all shouting colors out as soon as you turn the page.  My group did great!

I'm Not Cute by Johnathan Allen:  Baby Owl gets upset when the animals call him cute.  But he IS adorable, isn't he?
Prop: My finger puppet helped cue the kids in the say Baby Owl's refrain, "I'm NOT cute!"

Little Owl's Night by Divya Srinivasan: Little Owl enjoys a lovely night visiting all the nocturnal animals.
Discussion: Nocturnal

Letter of the Day:  Oo for owl
We made the letter O with our bodies and then did this yoga pose called 360-degree Owl

Flannel: "One Little Owl"
I played the first verse of the YouTube Video to teach everyone the song and then we sang it using my flannel pieces below.  "One Little Owl" link here

We used this sign for tree every time we sang the word "tree'

One little owl said, "Whoo, whoo"
Two little owls said, "Whoo, whoo"
Three little owls said, "Whoo, whoo"
As they sat in the old oak tree

One little squirrel said, "Crunch, crunch"....

One little crow said, "Caw, caw"

Sorting Game:  Nocturnal or Diurnal?
(Family Storytime)
We sorted these animals:
Diurnal (daytime animals)

Movement/Music Activity:  "Mr. Owl"
Enormous thanks to Lisa Shaia at for this song.

We came up with dance moves for Mr. Owl, Mr. Bird, and Mr. Kitty and sang with these animals.  It's basically a really fun call and response song.  It's recorded by Kimmy Schwimmy

Additional Songs/Videos:
"Ten Little Owls" YouTube link here

"Nocturnal Animals" Play song and find lyrics here
(I used this song with puppet and some sign language last year)

Evenig Family Storytime Pictures:  "Dancing to Mr. Owl"
Join us on Thursdays @6pm
Geared toward children ages 2 - 7, but all family member welcomed!


  1. Haha. Love the photos. =)

  2. Thanks for your wonderful story time! I'm doing Owls this week and would love to use your "One Little Owl" song and flannels, but I'm not finding a link to the pattern. Any chance you could give the link for them? Thanks!

    1. I am all about google clip art. Here is the link I used for the squirrel:

      I'm sorry - I can't find the crow link

      And there are TONS of owls to choose from:

      I save the clip art pictures, but not necessarily the links every time. If you play around in google images you may even find some that you like more.