Thursday, October 17, 2013

Monsters! Baby Time and Wiggle Worms (toddler)

Here are some monster-y activities I did with the babies and toddlers this week:

Mr. Bear (and me)
Letter of the Day: Mm
 Flannel:  Alphabet Monster by Robert Heidbreder

The toddlers all got a letter to bring up to to stick on the large flannel monster.  They brought them up in groups of:

The babies just sang the alphabet as I pointed to the letters (that I placed in order on the monster beforehand)
Music / Transitional Song: "ABC Medley"
This is a great transition medley by Laurie Berkner to settle toddlers after an exciting activity like The Alphabet Monster. 
Music / Movement:  "Five Green Goblins"
You know the premise:  Five green goblins jumping on the bed...


Monster, Monster by Melanie Walsh (  (Read with babies)  The flaps in this book are in the shapes of silhouettes of people and animals in costumes.  The real monster at the end of this fun, colorful read takes a bite out of the book.  Mmmm

Monster, Be Good by Natalie Marshall.   (Read with toddlers)  This books is colorful with large illustrations and a great read for toddlers who are invited to help the monsters behave.  I add a few of my own pleases and thank yous when sharing this book.

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