Monday, October 28, 2013

Family Storytime Halloween

We did our Halloween theme in the Family Storytime program last week because there will be no evening storytime this Thursday (Halloween evening).

Here are some fun pictures:

Miss Erica with Simone (Lion)
Me with Olive (Fox)
We are all feeling festive!
Shaking hands during our hello song
 High-fiving during our hello song
Roly Poly Beetle shares her favorite rhyme every week:
Singing "The Mice Go Marching" after watching the YouTube video of the song
Here are the stuffed mice we use.  So much fun when the monster sneezes and they go flying everywhere!
Making "Witches' Brew"
This picture is extra special because my peeps are in the back row:  Our sweet friend Molly, my very own little guy Grayden, my lovable niece Elliott, and my twin sister.  They were great storytime attendees - let me tell you!
Checking out the magic afterwards
Families stayed to snack on Bat Juice, Witches' Brew ingredients, and popcorn that was popped right in front of our eyes.  We watched the projected version of Frank Asch's book Popcorn.
Watch here

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