Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pre-K: Penultimate Monster / Halloween Storytime

This whole month has been filled with spiders, owls, pumpkins, and monsters.... next week is the big Halloween storytime ON Halloween.  I made the announcement for any parents that wish not to attend a Halloween-themed program.
39 kids
3 siblings
32 adults

Caregivers, thanks for dealing with the (organized) chaos today!  There were a lot of things to hand out and collect during storytime today and lots of exciting activities.

Kids took a Monsters Love Colors worksheet on the way in.

Plumply Dumply Pumpkin by Mary Serfozo.  Peter finds the perfect pumpkin so he and his dad can make a jack -o-lantern.
Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin.  Playful monsters combine their favorite colors - red, yellow, and blue - to make new colors.
Before reading the book, I handed out a bag of crayons to each child with the instructions to wait... 
As I read the book, the children colored their monsters accordingly:

Letter of the Day:  Pp for pumpkin
We then sounded out and spelled the word: Pumpkin
Flannel:  Star Monster
The kids all know their colors - this was more of a move-around, pat-your-knees, rhythm activity before setting in for Monsters Love Colors

Meet the Star Monster (not to be confused with The Alphabet Monster from last week)  ;-)

Movement Activity:  "The Mice Go Marching"

Oh, I love this song! We always watch the YouTube Video first.  Watch "The Mice Go Marching" here

Then each child gets a mouse (from IKEA) to act out the song while I play it again without the video:

I love when the monster sneezes and the mice go flying!!  I took this picture really fast and apparently missed the 60 mice that were in the air. How often do you get to throw mice around the library?

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