Friday, September 6, 2013


I had fun reading about dragons yesterday with my Pre-K and Family Storytime groups!

Theme: Dragons

Draw and Tell Story:  "The Emperor's Dragon" by Dianne De La Casas.  I had the joy of attending her workshop at an ALA conference in Anaheim a few years ago.  This story comes from Handmade Tales: Stories to Make and Take


If I Had a Dragon by Tom Ellery. Tired of playing with his little brother, a boy imagines what it would be like to have a dragon for a playmate instead.

Not  Your Typical Dragon by Dan Bar-el.  When Crispin turns seven, he's expected to breath fire like all other dragons, but despite all efforts, he can't.

Meet Crispin (from Not Your Typical Dragon):

On this birthday, he breathes whipped cream instead of fire while trying to light his own candles:

Crispin breathes band aids at the Dragon Doctor's office:
Even after pink medicine, all Crispin can muster out is marshmallows, teddy bears, beach balls...

...and bubbles!

At a friendly knight's suggestion, Crispin eats a whole can of spicy chilies.... but only breathes out red party ribbons:
Here's an extra spicy chilie for you, Crispin:
 When Crispin's father starts a fire that sets the whole town ablaze, Crispin is the only heroic dragon that can breathe water to save the day!  (Yes, the kids got spritzed) (And cheered!)
When everyone celebrated, who else would provide the music?  - Crispin, of course!

Music Movement:
"Dragon Hunt"
We marched along to a really fun song called "Dragon Hunt".  We encountered all sorts of obstacles before finding Crispin in the cave.
Movement Rhymes:
Little Dragon (from King County Library System)
Little dragon counts to three,
Little dragon bends one knee.
Little dragon touches his toes,
Little dragon touches his nose.
Little dragon makes a funny face,
Little dragon runs in place.
Little dragon lays on the floor,
Little dragon starts to snore.
Swing Your Dragon Tail (by Miss Rebekah at Jacksonville Public Library
Turn around once and swing your dragon tail.
Turn around twice and flap your wings like sails.
Turn around three times, stomp your feet and roar.
Jump up high and then sit down on the floor.
Letter of the Day:  Dd for dragon
We spelled out the word dragon with foam letters and then made the letter D with our bodies.
Ending Activity:
Pre-K Storytime:
Storytime ended with the kids doing a "Puff the Magic Dragon" parade around the library.  I only had 35 finger puppet dragons, so I pointed out the importance of ribbons and rhythm sticks in a parade too!  No issues.  As they paraded, "Puff the Magic Dragon" played loudly in the middle of the library and I lead them with my big dragon.
Evening Family Storytime:
This group has a lot of toddlers, so we ended (also in the middle of the library) with our very own bubble-breathing dragon.  Two of my co-workers jumped in so we had lots of bubbles going while "Bernie the Bubble Breathing Dragon" played.

 As always:

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  1. where did you get the adorable dragon finger puppets?