Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby Time - Autumn

I don't post about Baby Time nearly enough.  I love this group.  I love the care-givers!  I love the babies! 

Depending on weather, time of year, etc. this program (for babies ages birth to around 20 months and their caregivers) brings in an average of 50 to 80 participants each week.

There is a lot of repetition, but we keep it fun along the way! 

These friends make an appearance every week:

Roly Poly Beetle
(Roll baby's hands - or your hands - accordingly)
Roly poly roly poly up up up
Roly poly roly poly down down down
Roly poly roly poly out out out
Roly poly roly poly in in in
Roly poly roly poly clap clap clap
Roly poly roly poly lap lap lap

Mr. Bear (recorded music)
After we wake up Mr. Bear, he sings hello to all the babies and then we wave to him and clap together:
Today he was so excited about fall sports, he wore his Arizona Cardinals jersey

Every week we also:

  • Sing "I Wake Up My Hands" (recorded music)
  • Sing an animal song with puppets (recorded music)
This week we sang "If Animals Could Dance"

  • Read a book as a group (Today we read From Head to Toe by Eric Carle)
  • Read board books one-on-one with our babies
    • Reading should be a fun activity for babies!  If they are getting antsy, it's ok for them to walk around while you read or just put the book down.  No need to finish it.
    • Books are fun!  Leave books in your toy baskets at home.  If baby just wants to play with the books, that's fine!
Some of our babies reading with care-givers today:
  • Sing a bouncing song (recorded music)
Today we sang "The Leaves on the Tree" by The Learning Station (Listen here)
  • Dance to music with shakers (Today we played with scarves instead while I played "Falling Leaves") (Listen here)
  • Do a prop rhyme
 Today we did "I Found an Apple on the Ground" (idea from Storytime ABC's
  • End with bubbles
Other Rhymes We Did This Week:
Tommy Thumbs
Jack is Quiet
There Was a Little Turtle
We always end with social time.  Thank you, adults, for being so focused on your babies during the program! 

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