Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn: Pre-K and Family Storytimes

It is officially AUTUMN!  Even though we don't see typical autumn weather and seasonal changes in our part of Arizona, it's fun to talk about other parts of the state (and out of state) and use our imaginations.

*Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze by Maureen Wright:  Big Bear thinks his tremendous sneezes are causing the leaves and apples to fall off the trees and the geese to fly away, but the autumn wind finally convinces him otherwise.
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert:  A child, in simple yet informative narrative, shares the life-cycle of his favorite tree and ends with his favorite time of year.
A is for Autumn:  Bright photographs and simple text present a variety of fall scenes. We used this for our letter(s) of the day.
Discussion:  What happens in the fall?  It gets cooler, leaves change color and fall, we start wearing jackets, geese fly south towards warmer weather, and we can pick apples and pumpkins
Book Extension
*After reading Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze I told the kids that the author got it a little wrong.  Bear sneezes don't sound like "Aa-chooo".... Bear sneezes sound like this:  "Rroaar-chooo"
Bear gave all of his friends his sneezies and the kids all made various animal sneezing sounds with me:

Music / Movement:
"The Leaves on the Tree" by The Learning Station.  Listen ( here )
We signed "O" for orange and "B" for brown and acted out the other motions

Letter(s) of the Day: From A is for Autumn

Ending Activity:
After clear instructions on how we'd use the parachute (othewise chaos ensues), we all stood around the paracute and made a gentle breeze.  As the autumn breeze got stronger and stronger, I dumped in two buckets of fabric autumn leaves.
 As the adults lifted the parachute above our heads, I had the kids go underneath as leaves fell down all around them.  It's a beautiful sight to look up too and see all the leaves flying over the parachute.
I played the songs:
Pictures from evening Family Storytime:
We tossed some leaves around for a little bit afterwards

The kids love to pick up the leaves and put them in the buckets.  Go for it!

 I don't know if you can tell, but there are a LOT of fabric leaves in play.  You really need a lot for the effect.
Muggs from Paws 2 Read sat in on storytime this evening.  Some of her friends will be back on Saturday, October 19th from 10:30 to 12.  Come back and read or share a story with a registered therapy dog.


  1. I love this storytime, Tara! Where did you get those cards with pictures of kids using their bodies to make letters? Those are great!

  2. They are called Twist and Spell Exercise Cards. I got them from Lakeshore Learning (in store; not online). If you don't have a local Lakeshore Learning or other teaching store, you can find them online in a google search. Here they are on Amazon;

    I use them at all my toddler, pre-k, and family storytimes! =)