Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wiggle Worms

Daycare 1's and 2's: 18 total
10:30 group: 105 total
11:15 group: 47 total

Today I did a little bit of a bird theme for the toddler groups.

Song with puppets: "If I Was a Bird" from the Wiggleworms Love You album.

Letter of the Day: Bb for bird

Book:  Little Green by Keith Baker.  Miss Michelle and a hummingbird finger puppet helped act out this story about a little boy watching all the ways a hummingbird moves.

Movement:  We danced with shakers to "Rockin' Robin" from the Songs for Wiggleworms album.

Flannel:  "So Many Birds"
I adapted this from Nancy Stewart's song Lots of Cars

So many birds up in the sky (pat legs)
What color bird is flying by (flap arms)?

.... add one color at a time ....

So many birds up in the sky
What's the biggest one flying by?


With polka dots?

Movement Rhyme:  "Little Bluebird"
I adapted this from the classic rhyme Little Robin Redbreast

Little bluebird stood upon a rail
Shake, shake went his head
Wiggle, waggle went his tail
and he hopped closer...

I repeated this a couple of times as the kids hopped closer towards me and then had them fly back to their nests.

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