Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pre-K Birds

What an awesome group today!!

Books (so many good ones to choose from!):

Little Green by Keith Baker.  A hummingbird finger puppet demonstrated all the movements Little Green made in the story.

Birds by Kevin Henkes.  There are so many types, colors, sizes, and movement styles of birds!  It's fun to whistle (or in my case, fake whistle) at the end.
Tweedle Dee Dee by Charlotte Voake.  I was excited that we had five more minutes and the kids picked a book over another movement song! 
This book by itself isn't the most exciting so I tell it with an over sized flannel board and the kids all get a green leaf with a word on it that repeats in the book.  The held up their word when their heard it.
Birdsong by Ellie Sandall (My flannel here )
Movement: "Rockin' Robin" with shakers and Big Black (squawking) Crow from the Songs for Wiggleworms album. 
Flannel:  5 Eggs and 5 Eggs (Tara's Edition!)
Most of us (programmers) have already used the 5 Eggs and 5 Eggs flannel, but thank you to Kathryn for inspiring me to make some cute chicks.  This flannel I created includes addition and introduces some new birds to kids.
5 eggs and 5 eggs
That makes 10
Sitting on top in Mother Hen
Crack! Crack! Crack! (clap hands)
What do I see?
10 fluffy chicks and noisy as can be ("Cheep cheep")
Change numbers, birds' names, and chick sounds accordingly):
Tyrannulet ("peeert peeert")

 Merlin"ki-ki-kee ki-ki-kee"
Magpie "yak-yak-yak"
These fancy little birds are attracted to shiny things like jewelry, buttons, plastic, etc. and will grab them to weave into their nests.
Fingerplay / Movement Rhymes:
Two Little Blackbirds with finger puppets
Letter of the Day: Bb
Today's take-home worksheet here. 





  1. Oh My Goodness!! How adorable!! I love what you've done with this rhyme!

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  3. Wonderful birds, nests and babies!