Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pre-K 4-4-13 Spring!!

Oh the vivid memories of melting snow, April showers, flowers growing, the warmth....  Not so much the same in AZ, but it's fun to talk about seasons in other parts of the country too!

Kids: 36
Siblings: 6
Adults: 27

Memory Box: Rabbit from Hurray for Spring!

 I often find myself torn between 3 books, but never get to the third because of time.  My 3 choices for today were:

Hurray for Spring! by Patricia Hubbell.  I love the large, bold illustrations and delightful text in this book about a boy exploring spring.
Old Bear by Kevin Henkes. With great storytime-sharing illustrations, this book follows a hibernating bear as he dreams his way into spring.
Spring is Here by Will Hillenbrand. Excited that spring as finally arrived, Mole tries to wake Bear.

Guess the Baby Animal: Baby animals often hatch or are born in the spring.  Can you guess some of these?  I held up several pictures and was surprised by some of the correct answers!
Movement Activity:  "The Ants Go Marching" with scarves
First we watched this video so the kids could visualize the ants marching out of the rain and going underground:
Afterwards, we pretended we were the ants as I played a different version and we marched with colorful scarves.
Letter of the Day:  Uu
Most Pre-K kids know their letters, so I usually try to challenge them with a game (besides, Olive gets so excited about the Letter of the Day):
The kids will also get these kinds of worksheets from now on to take home and practice writing:
Flannel:  "Hooray for Springtime!" (From book by Liz and Dick Wilmes)
We moved colorful scarves along with the action words and raised them up high to cheer the final line of each verse. 
Now it's time to fly our kites (fly scarves up high)
Fly our kites, fly our kites
Now it's time to fly our kites
Watch the worms twist and wiggle (twist up scarves and wiggle them)
Twist and wiggle, twist and wiggle
Watch the worms twist and wiggle
Watch the lightning snap and crack (clap above head)
Snap and crack, snap and crack
Watch the lightning snap and crack

Fingerplay:  Here is the beehive (for all those bees in Hurray for Spring!)


  1. I want to come to your story time! What fun. Your flannel pieces are colorful, bright and engaging. Love the stripes on the kite. Thanks for the inspiration ~ jane

  2. So cute! I especially love the worms. Thanks for sharing