Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wiggle Worms July 26, 2012

Sorry there are no fancy pictures today, but I wanted to get this up because a mom asked me about my music so I said I'd link in my blog.


"Good Morning Song" from Wiggle and Whirl or

"If I was a Bird" from Wiggleworms CD.  I named my toddler program before knowing about these Old Town School of Folk Music CDs, but they are by far my favorite CDs for kids.

"Airplane Song" by Laurie Berkner.  I almost used "We Are the Dinosuars" from the same album because they both tie into the book WOW! City!

Bubble songs:

The song I prefer to play wasn't reading on my CD so I used my old bubble songs from Sara Hickman's Toddler CD.  I played "Get Up Everybody", "Ten Little Bubbles", and "Walking Walking"

Finger Plays:

"Helicopter Rhyme":

The helicoptor flies up
The helicopter flies down
It flies around and around and around

The helicoptor flies left
The helicoptor flies right
It flies up up up and out of site

Row, Row, Row (sign language)

Row, row, row your boat
Row it all around
If if you see a ______
Make that sound

(We filled the blanks in with the signs for cat, bird, and tiger)

I'm Driving in My Car (We always end Wiggle Worms with this rhyme)

I'm driving in my car
I'm driving i my car
Beep beep!  Toot toot! 
I'm drving in my car

I'm driving really fast....

I'm driving really slow...

Book: WOW! City! by Robert Neubecker.  A little girl is amazined by all the city sights.


We made a sandwhich for bear this week

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