Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pre-K Fish June 7, 2012

Today we read about fish which was really fun!
44 kids
6 siblings
26 adults


Maisy Goes to the Library by Lucy Cousins. Maisy goes to the library to find a book about fish and ends up enjoying storytime with her friends while she is there.

Hooray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins.  Little Fish introduces us to some colorful fish, but his favorite fish of all is his mom.  This is a great storytime book because it is oversized with really colorful pictures and lends itself to audience discussion.  Plus, it's fun to give fishy kisses at the end.

Sea Creatures Pop Up.  I don't read this book, I just show the pictures.  Two of the big hits were the Sea Dragon and Lion Fish.


"Move Your Arms Like Henry".  Usually I'm not a huge Wiggles fan, but this song is cute to do with ribbons.  Henry, the Octopus, dances along.

"Goldfish". We LOVE this song!  The fish do all sorts of silly things and say, "Wait a minute!  We're fish!  We don't fill in the blank.  Let's go swimming...."

Memory Box and Letter of the Day:
Ostrich from Maisy goes to the Library was in the memory box (he's the Librarian who does storytime!)

Oo for Ostrich and Octopus (the kids determined that of fish, ostrich, and octopus, fish did not start with the letter O)


Can I say how bummed I get when my flannel pieces disappear (especially since I spend late nights working on them after the baby goes to bed).  Anyway, I had six fish that I wanted to add to the bowl, but first we had to think of a word that rhymed with the color and that's how the fish earned his way into the bowl.

These kids were AMAZING today!  Sometimes they shout random words out to me, but after pointing out the rhymes in Hooray for Fish, they were right on track with this flannel activity.  I could only think of one word to rhyme with yellow (fellow), but they came up with mellow, jello, and hello!

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