Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby Time July 11, 2012

What a crazy busy day!  Babytime and a school-age program, but it sure was fun!

We had just about 50 babies today and 51 adults.

Mr. Bear was rocking an American flag bandanna during the song we open with every week ("Mr. Bear")

Puppet Animal Song:  "Old MacDonald". Who can resist the tickle bug at the end?!


Roly Poly - every week

Mr. Bullfrog (my baby was able to join us today and this is his FAVORITE!!)
This is Mr. Bullfrog (fist)
He's sitting on a rock (place on top of other hand)
He jumps into the water (lift fist up, anticipation building......)
KERPLOP! (clap)

Jack is Quiet - every week

Baby Shark
Baby shark doot doot doot da doot (use hands to make snapping motions)
Mommy shark doot doot doot da doot (bigger snaps)
Daddy shark doot doot doot da doot (even bigger snaps)
KISS (big kiss for baby)

Prop Rhyme:
I'm not positive how appropriate this is for baby time since most babies don't drink cow's milk or know what honey is since it's a no-no food until they're a year, but I saw it on Baby Einstein (shhh my baby watches it sometimes) and I think it's really cute

The bee makes the honey
The bee makes the honey
Hi ho the dairy-o
The bee makes the honey

Repeat with: Cow (or mommy) makes the milk, Chicken makes the egg, and Sheep makes the wool

Music/Bouncing songs:

"I Wake Up my Hands" - every week
"Itsy Bitsy Spider" - my favorite version!


Charlie Chick - such a fun pop up book!

Activity:  Shakers with the song "Rockin' Robin"  (That's my little boy and his friend Makenzie)

We always end with bubbles!!

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