Thursday, December 5, 2013

Soup! Pre-K and Family Storytime

It is finally cold enough to do a soup storytime in Arizona.  I even hear it will be 36 degrees tonight.  Hmmm I wonder how many families will brave the "cold" and come to evening Family Storytime this evening....

Pre-K Storytime:
44 kids
4 siblings
36 adults


Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic.  Maxwell Duck is perfecting his own soup recipe and goes into his garden to pick some herbs.  When his friends find a feather in the soup (really a bay leaf), they fear he has fallen in.
While I read, my co-worker played the parts of the various animals including Max spicing up his soup and his friends' rescue methods.

Soup for One by Ethan Long.   A little fly who anticipates enjoying a big bowl of soup is unexpectedly joined by 9 other bugs.

I used a punch bowl stuffed with red butcher paper to bring this book to life.

These little bugs are left over Summer Reading Prizes.  My enterprising Librarian self loves holding onto goodies like these because I always find a fun way to use them in programs.

As the bugs exit the soup (on account of the lizard), my co-worker tossed them humorously up in the air behind her!  Finally a spider (puppet) swoops in for the last few drops of soup.

Storytiming does a cute flannel version of this book.  

Letter(s) of the Day:

We used jump ropes (also old leftover SRP prizes) to spell out the letters S, O, U, P.  Honestly, it was a bit too crazy with 45 kids and I should have used my common sense and abandoned the activity.  Oh well.

Look at this clever cutie!
Music:  "I Feel Crazy so I Jump in the Soup" by Laurie Berkner
Listen here

We made round soup bowls with the jump ropes to sing this song:

I feel crazy so I jump in the soup X3
I jump jump jump in the soup


Sitting in their soup and ready for another story:

The soup is boiling up (bubble hands)
The soup is boiling up (bubble hands)
Stir it slow, around we go (stir)
The soup is boiling up (throw hands and feet UP or pop up)

I added some veggies to our soup as we sang the rhyme the few times.

I let the evening Family Storytime kiddos toss letter beanbags into the soup to make alphabet soup.  This group was much smaller and manageable.  It would NOT have worked in the morning group.

Miss Erica (my fabulously awesome co-worker) dressed as a Campbell's soup can:

Fun (literacy skill building) Soup Videos to Watch at Home:

Chicken Soup with Rice - Do you remember this book for your childhood??!


  1. I love Chicken Soup With Rice!!! And I adore Duck Soup! Thanks for the great ideas. I can't believe I don't know Laurie Berkner's song: I feel crazy so I jump in the soup!! Need to go to itunes. Thanks again. ~ jane

  2. Great post! I've been doing soup storytimes for years and know Laurie Berkner but not this song. Would it be okay for me to link to this post from my own soup storytime

    1. Haha of course you can link my blog! Now I can't wait to check out yours!

  3. It's 19 degrees here in Michigan right now, and this looks like a yummy storytime to kick off my Winter storytimes in January. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the great idea! I have soup planned for my January Daycare Outreach.