Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wiggle Worms - Getting Snowy

Mr. Bear is feeling festive in his elf hat and I'm rocking my new infinity scarf crafted by one of my sweet storytime mamas
Book:  Jingle-Jingle by Nicola Smee.  This is a really fun book to read one-on-one, but I like to read it in groups too.  Every time I shake the bells, everyone chimes in saying, "Jingle -jingle, Jingle-jingle" with me (I definately add a few "jingles").
Letter of the Day: Ss
Action Rhyme: Five Little Snowmen
Five little snowmen standing in a row (stand up, hold up 5 fingers)
Each with a hat (touch head)
And a big red bow (make bow in front of neck)
The sun came out and stayed all day (hold arms above head)
And one little snowman melted away (wiggle body while melting "down")
....Four, Three, Two, One
I got these pre-assembled snowmen from Hobby Lobby for $6.50 a piece (discounted price) back in October.  They are about a foot tall and made of sparkly foam balls.  Everything is attached by Velcro or straight pins so I could use these snowmen for other props if I wanted.

Movement / Music (CD):  "Roll, Roll, Roll Your Ball"
We pretended these plus balls were snowballs:
 This song encourages kids to roll, bounce, pass, toss, and catch their balls:


  1. Miss Tara,
    You've probably posted this before, but where did you find the alphabet shape cards? Do you encourage kids to make the shape of the letter each week?
    Miss Lisa
    Melisa, NC

  2. I bought them locally at a store called Lakeshore Learning, but you can find them online. Just google: Twist and Spell Exercise Cards. The kids love them. The toddlers make the letter with their bodies every week. Sometimes I use them with preschoolers too.

  3. Hi Miss Tara,

    The activity with the balls looks great! I am always looking for movement activities that are also interactive. Is the song you use on a particular CD or do you make up your own words to a familiar tune?

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!!

    Ms. Alison

  4. I always try to use recorded songs to make my storytimes unique (which is my way of saying I sing like a tuneless frog) =) This song is called "Roll Your Ball" which is track #20 on the album Rug Bug Earth. The whole CD is pretty fun so post the whole link: