Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pre-K April 12, 2012 The Last of Eggs and Chickens for a while....

I've been enjoying eggs and chickens these past few weeks and finally got to use this theme for Pre-K.  But Spring as sprung and Easter has passed, so it's time to move on...

Memory Box:  A cube (imagine my surprise when some of the kids identified it as such) from The Most Wonderful Egg in the World.

Game:  Egg or No Egg?  The children helped us decide which category to put the animals in.  Some were a little tricky (like snakes, because most snakes lay eggs, but not all....) but these kids know their stuff!


The Most Wonderful Egg in the World by Helme Heine.  I adapt this story quite a bit.

I totally copied Abby the Librarian's flannel for this book.  She kindly gave me permission to post though.  She has a great blog and also came up with the Memory Box idea that we all love so much.

Abby's blog post

Roly-Poly Egg by Kali Stileman. I love this lively, colorful story about Splotch and her roly poly little egg which is returned safely to her in time to hatch.

Charlie Chick:  We read this short pop-up book just for fun!  We then found Charlie with this rhyme "Six Little Chicks"


"The Chicken Dance"

"I Know a Chicken".  This song is a little long, but I still love it.  We shook eggs with hen puppets and danced like chickens.

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  1. Very cute storytime! I am doing chicks next month during our farm storytimes so I will be "stealing" some of your ideas. :-)

    I have not read Roly-Poly Egg yet so I am going in search of it now. It looks like a fun, colorful book. Thank you for the suggestion!

    I have started a new feature on my blog called a Blog Hop. The first one is about frogs:

    The reason I mention it is because my next Blog Hop will start soon and it is a Chick and Egg ABC's Blog Hop. I hop you will link up your awesome post when I get it up and running. Your ideas are perfect ones to add to a Chick and Egg storytime resource!