Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pre-K Valentine's Day! 2-2-12

Next week we will have a guest speaker, so we stirred up a little Valentine fun this week.


Valentine Surprise by Corinne Demas.  A little girl tries to make a perfect heart valentine for her mother, but none turn out quite right.  She decides to tape them all together to make a colorful banner. 

Unfortunately, you can't see the glittery felt and puffy paint I used to make these flannel pieces, but they're quite vibrant in person.  Noah and Olivia helped me hold the banner up because it was about 4 feet long.  I made two sets of hearts and glued the second set together for the banner ahead of time.

Idea from



My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall.  Michael Hall, a graphic designer, uses over 300 hearts to construct a menagerie of animals. 

Game: "I'm thinking of something red"....We gave clues and the kiddos guessed which red items we were describing.  Some items were a stop sign, apple, fire truck, Clifford, and tomatoes.

Movement:  I played "Shake a Friend's Hand" and everyone partnered up with a mom, dad, sibling, friend, etc.

6 little Valentines were sent to my house,
The first one was from Mouse (pink)

5 little Valentines in my mailbox,
The second one was from Fox (orange)

4 little Valentines full of love,
The third one was from Dove (white)

3 little Valentines just for me,
The fourth one was from Bee (yellow)

2 little Valentine’s mailed with care,
The fifth one was from Bear (sparkley pink)

The last little Valentine, from my friend Jay,
This one said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” (blue)

Letter of the Day: Hh for hearts

Craft: (from My Heart is Like a Zoo): Frogs


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