Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pre-K 2-23-12 Frogs and Alligators

Today we had a full-energy group...and lots of siblings.  We read about frogs and alligators and grooved to a new song.

Memory box: Fly (from Wide-Mouthed-Frog).  It was pretty funny and unexpected when the kids kept spotting the fly on every page LOL

What color are frogs?:  We had fun looking at a variety of colorful frogs


Jump! by Scott Fischer.  All the children got a colorful scarf to lift up high each time I read the word, "JUMP!" (which was fairly often).  From a bug and a frog to a croc and a shark, each animal JUMPS away from a larger animal.

Wide-Mouthed-Frog by Keith Faulkner.  The wide-mouth frog in this pop-up book eats flies and asks other animals about their favorite foods....until he meets an alligator who eats wide-mouthed-frogs.  The children then helped me retell the story with puppet props.

Little frog, little frog
are you in the color log?
(I let the kids call out colors and we looked under the logs until we found the two frogs)

Letter of the Day:
My duck from "All the Fish" laid two colorful eggs!  I instructed Lesley to show them the egg, but they couldn't tell me th letter.  Instead I had to guess the letter based on the words they came up with.
Music (sorry; neither CD is in our collection)
"All the Fish":  We swam with fish, quacked with ducks, hopped with frogs, snapped like alligaors, flew like seagulls, and swam with children in the song "All the Fish"...and SPLASHed enthusiastically.

"Alligator Jump":  An alligator puppet taught us how to do the Alligator Jump with dancing scarves.  The chorus is:
Alligator jump
Alligator slide
All the alligators like to move from side to side
Alligator grunt
Alligator giggle
All the alligators like to turn around and wiggle


  1. This sounds like a super fun story time. I love both of those books and together they would be unstoppable!

  2. Where did you find those fantastic puppets?