Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wiggle Worms! 1-17-12

Today we had a big group considering registration is limited to 30 children (46 toddlers plus siblings).  Fortunately we had enough back-up bean bags for everyone, but please be aware that registration is required for a quality program, including having enough supplies for all participants.  If registration is full, we do have a wait list so arrive early.  If you let yourself in after the program has started (even if you registered), we may not be able to offer a quality program for all due to group size.

I truly do love seeing all of you and your children's excited faces each week and want everyone to enjoy themselves!

Animal song: Grandpa's Farm

Letter of the day: Pp for popcorn

Book:  Peek-a-Moo.  In this lift the flap book, different farm animals play peek-a-boo.

Movement: We kept our bean bag shapes in action with the song  "Shapes in Action" 

Flannel: In honor of National Popcorn Day on the 19th, we did this flannel rhyme.  I got the idea from http://melissa.depperfamily.net/blog/?p=1516, but changed the words.

5 little kernels getting hot
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...


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