Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Time 1-11-12

The holidays are over!  Back to the routine again, which includes the library.  We had 46 babies; lots of new faces, some old faces, all of them precious.  This week I encouraged older babies (18-20 mo+) to start moving up into the toddler program where the setting and activities are more appropriate.  Toddlers can create a safety issue for younger babies and they often no longer find it engaging or fun to participate from the caregiver's lap.  You can register for Wiggle Worms here: Perry's Events.

This week we:

Animal Song:  Old MacDonald.  I love all those tickle bugs!

Book: The Cuddle Book by Guido Van Genechten.  Who doesn't love a book where animals cuddle?  Lots of oportunities for baby hugs and cuddles.


Popcorn, popcorn
put it in the pot
Shake it, shake it
Pop, Pop, Pop!

Bicycle (This is new for babytime, but my baby and I have loved this rhyme since he was a newborn)

I like to ride my bicycle
I ride it to the shop
and when I see the big red light
I know it's time to STOP

I like to ride my bicycle
I ride it to and fro
and when I see the big green light
I know it's time to GO

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