Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Time

Sorry I had to leave babytime a little early today.  I had to take baby G to the doctor.  Turns out he has two little chompers!  So much distress over two teeny tiny teeth!


Rhyme:  "This Little Piggy".  In my version, the piggy eats apples.  A pig eating roast beef?...That's just weird. =)

Books:  Today everyone picked a board book or two to read with their babies instead of a group activity.  If your baby doesn't seem interested in "reading" at the moment, it's ok to try reading later when he's in the mood to.  We want babies to view books as fun objects and book time to be fun time.  For now it's ok if they want to play with their books or explore (usually with their mouths). 

Yes, we will have Baby Time next week.  Bring your visitors so they can see your cute little guys in action!

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