Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baby Time: Monsters

Reminder:  I will be in NY for the next two Baby Time Sessions so there will not be storytimes until right before Halloween.  I had to get my monsters in today!

Here are some of the theme-specific activities we did today:

"Mr. Bear" sang his welcome song (dressed like a Jack o' Lantern)

 "The Star Monster"
A hunting we will go
A hunting we will go
We'll catch a monster
and give her a pink star
And then we'll let her go...
 "Five Green Goblins"
The Halloween version of "Five Little Monkeys" Listen here.  There is a 20 second interval at one point where there is just music and we take that opportunity to toss our babies in the air.

 Book:  Monster, Monster This is a really fun lift-the-flap book
 Uh oh!  We found the monster and he  likes to munch on books.
"Pumpkin, Pumpkin"

Make pumpkin in front of your with arms
Tip over
Roll your hands
Hug baby (or through your arms up and say, "Trick or Treat!"
"I Saw a Ghost"

I saw a ghost (use this fun ASL sign for "ghost" )
He saw me too (point to self)
I waved at him (wave)
But he said, "Boo!" (gesture with hands)

Shakers:  We shook to Eric Litwin's "We are Monsters" Listen here

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