Wednesday, October 8, 2014

All-Ages: Monsters

Not all of our families braved the Arizona rain, but I certainly had fun with those who attended today! (28 kids in the first session, 43 in the second).

Letter of the Day:  Mm for monster

Animal Song with Puppets: "When Ghosts Wake Up in the Evening".  I found this awesome song just yesterday, downloaded it, sought out a ghost and witch,  and we grooved to it this morning. Listen here
Mr. Bear did his usual song and dance routine, but dressed like a pumpkin:
Monster, Monster by Melanie Walsh.  This is a super fun lift-the-flap book where the kids have to figure out who is in costumes and who is the real monster.

A Ghost in the House by Ammi-Joan Pacquette.  My 2 1/2 year old (now 3) loved and still loves this book. A ghost bumps into a mummy, momster, skeleton, witch, and finally the creepest createure of all - a little boy! 

As the creatures run away one by one, I tossed them over the flannel board for dramatics!  The monster is the tallest at about 14"


Star Monster

A hunting we will go (pat rhythm on legs)
A hunting we will go
We'll catch a monster
And give her ___ start
And then we'll let her go

Repeat with all colors

 Music: "We Are Monsters" Listen here
We stomped, clapped, shook, sneaked, and roared like monsters while holding these small plush monsters.


"I Saw a Ghost"
I saw a ghost (use this ASL sign for "ghost")
He saw me to (point to self)
I waved hello (wave)
But he said, "Boo!"


  1. Ghost in the House is one of my favorite Halloween books - I have been thinking it would be a great flannel for a long time... you beat me to it! Wonderful!

    1. If you flannalize it, let me know! I really like how they turned out (the picture is a little blurry, but there are really cute).... but I don't care for the skeleton. I want to see yours!

  2. I thought I knew all the Halloween books and songs out there, but clearly I don't! Thanks for spicing up my repertoire! I especially love "When Ghosts Wake Up in the Evening!"