Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wiggle Worms 12-11-12

Look who's blogging again! 

If you are one of the parents who asked me about my blog address today, you should leave me a comment so I know.  I know we Librarians network and read each other's blogs....but I'm never sure if parents read mine and I am thrilled when I find out you do.

43 kids
3 siblings
36 adults


  • No children's programs Christmas week or New Year week
  • The 11:15 Wiggle Worms session will resume January 8th

Mr Bear, Olive, and Bookworm

Animal Puppet Song: "If I Was a Bird"
Rhymes / Fingerplays:
Roly Poly (roll hands) - every week
Rolly polly, Rolly Polly, Up up up
Rolly polly, Rolly Polly, Down down down
Rolly polly, Rolly Polly, Out out out
Rolly polly, Rolly Polly, In in in
Rolly polly, Rolly Polly, Clap clap clap
Rolly polly, Rolly Polly, Lap lap lap
Here is a Snowball - I made this up for my baby and it's kind of goofy but he loves it
Here is a snowball
And here is a snowball
I can throw them up and catch
But if they land on my head instead
They would trickle down my back (back tickles)


I'm Driving in My Car:
I'm driving in my car
I'm driving in my car
Beep beep toot toot
I'm driving in my car
Cube Song:  Humpty Dumpty
Letter of the Day:  Ww for whale
Book:  Say Hello to the Snowy Animals by Ian Whybrow.  These are the animals we said hi to while flapping, hoo-hooing, and splashing along with them.  (The "reindeer" ran - pat legs -, the seal said "Aar aar" while clapping, and the haire hopped)
Scarf Dancing with Baby Beluga:
You can watch the animated board book while Raffi sings "Baby Beluga" below:

Five Little Snowmen - Act it out
5 little snowmen standing in a row
Each with a hat and a big red bow
The sun came out and stayed all day
And one little snowman melted away

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