Monday, September 24, 2012

Wiggle Worms 9-24-12

Today we were in an open room called the Newsstand so it was a little crazy.  It's hard to be a toddler in storytime in a differnt room.  Even though we were all a little out of our element, storytime was great fun!

I got a request this morning to post my music choices, so I will link as much as I can.

37 toddlers
3 siblings
28 adults

"Good Morning" song from Wiggle and Whirl

Animals Puppet Song:  "If I Was a Bird"


Letter of the Day:  Oo for octopus.  Olive the fox was very excited to present today's letter because her name starts with an O!

Cube song:  Today it landed on "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" so we rowwed, wiggled, and swayed in our boats

BookAll Kinds of Kisses  by Nancy Tafuri.  Oh how I love this book!  Animals enjoy kisses as much as our little ones do.

Movement:  "Move Your Arms Like Henry".  I'm not typically the biggest Wiggles fan, but this song is so fun.  The kids all get a wrist ribbon to move their arms with my octopus puppet.


Were going to the farm!
Knock on the barn.
Whooo's there?

I came up with this little rhyme to go with my barn foam poster.  We said the rhyme to introduce each new animal.  Before the animal popped out, I gave the kids a clue like, "It says mooo", or "He has a big, bushy, gray tail" while showing the kids the squirrel's tail through a door.

Fingerplay:  Helicopter
The helicopter flies up
The helicopter flies down
It flies around and around and around
The helicopter flies left
The helicopter flies right
It flies up, up, up
and out of sight

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  1. I love your helicopter fingerplay! I've never heard that one before--I'll be borrowing that! :)