Thursday, September 27, 2012

Owls! Pre-K Sept 27, 2012

The fall always seems like a perfect time to read about owls!

Theme: Owls

34 kids
4 siblings
16 adults

Memory Box:  I forgot to put something in the box, but my friend Olive (my fox puppet) told me she had it covered.

It was a fox from Little Owl's Night.

We then looked at different kinds of owls (the kids were pretty fascinated!).
We ascertained that Hedwig from Harry Potter is a Snowy Owl and identified what kind of owl Ollie the Owl is.  Can you figure it out?
Ollie the Owl is a Great Horned Owl!

Little Owl's Night by Divya Srinivasan.  Little Owl enjoys a night in the forest visiting his friends. 
Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood.  A curious little owl decides to stay awake to find out how the scenery at night looks during the day.
Music (with shakers):  "Owl" by Johnny Bregar.  This folksy song is filled with lots of rhythm!

Cube Roll:  Poet's Corner
I read a poem from Bustle in the Bushes.  It was fun afterwards to hop and rub our legs while chirping.
We grasshoppers do enjoy jumping
As our legs are incredibly strong.
And when we're not jumping,
We rub them together to make the most beautiful song
Letter of the Day:  Nn for nocturnal
Flannel/Puppets:  "Nocturnal Animals" by Nancy Stewart
We learned a few signs to use while singing about these nocturnal animals:

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  1. Ms. Tara would you be able/willing to email me a link to your owl pictures to print. I love the discussion aspect they inspire. It would save me some time! My email is gmail, opinionsbyanna. Thanks in advance!

    ps--owl storytime is Friday morning :)