Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby Time - November 30, 2011

I had so much fun with you at Baby Time this week!  We did a new activity, I saw lots of familiar and friendly faces, and the energy was really great.  It was the perfect Wednesday-pick-me-up!

* “Ball Time”

Very early on babies like looking at balls, balloons, and stuffed-animal-style balls.

Once they can grasp, babies like soft-stuffed balls, and you can play little games of holding them out and pulling them back, tug-of-war, and gently tickling their noses or tummies with the ball.    As you hold a ball out to your child to grasp, you're not just bonding with the baby and offering him a toy, you're teaching him a skill set that will come in handy later.  More than fun, your baby's actually hard at work on eye-hand-coordination.

On Wednesday:

Mr. Bear
Rhyme: Roly Poly
Song: I Wake Up My Hands
Rhyme: Jack is Quiet
Animal Song:  If I Was a Bird (Rotate weekly)
Rhyme:  Popcorn (Rotate weekly)
Books: Board books (Rotate weekly)
Rhyme : This Little Piggy (Rotate weekly)
Rhyme:  Robbie Rabbit
Bouncing Song:  Wheels on the Bus (Rotate weekly)
Rhyme:  Rickety, Rickety Rocking Horse(Rotate weekly)
*Activity: Ball (Rotate last Wednesday of the month)

* On the last Wednesday of the month, it's fun to deviate from the usual shakers we use to end storytime.  This week all the babies got a plush ball and we played the song "Roll, Roll, Roll Your Ball" and got some practice rolling, bouncing, passing, and tossing.


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