Sunday, July 9, 2017

10 Layer Birthday Cake

My signature puppet Olive turns 10 this month (I'm not so weird that I remember the EXACT day I purchased her LOL), but I decided to celebrate her "birthday" in storytime this week and did a birthday theme.  This is a Flannel Friday post, so I won't write out my whole storytime, but I will share that we LOVED I'm Invited to a Party by Mo Willems.  Yup, it's an Elephant and Piggie book.  Before I started reading, I divided the kids in half-ish and one side was Elephant and the other was Pig.  We practiced each side saying, "Party!" when I pointed to them.  So it sounded like this:

Elephant(s): "Party!"
Pig (s): "Party!"
Elephant(s): "Party!"
Pig (s): "Party!"
 But this post is really about a 10 layer birthday cake:
Here is the song: 10 Layer Birthday Cake 
I found it was better to start constructing the cake before it gets to that part in the song.  The kids will be memorized regardless. I did it twice and they sang along the second time perfectly!  But there is this dumb (oooohhh curse word in preschool vernacular) ending where the cake falls on the floor.  Just stop it before then!

My own delightful little girl loving her mom's stuff being at home!

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  1. I just subscribed to receive your Fox and Bear newsletter and wish that my little preschool was in your area so that we could enjoy your new business. I wish you all the best as you start this new adventure and look forward to seeing the book aspect as it sounds like a great idea! Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful flannels/stories on your blog; I love your creativity and you inspire me.