Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wiggle Worms Quack!

Letter of the Day: Qu for "quack"

Book:  Cicken, Chicken, Duck! by Nadia Krilanovich.  Simple words and large pictures tell the story of a barn yard game led by a noisy duck.

Now that my kid is two, books have to pass his approval before I share them with my groups.  My toddler loved this one so I read it today and had Michelle help turn it into a fun game.

The duck has a loud, playful outburst every two pages.  Every time he popped up in the book, my puppet popped up too to give the toddlers their cue to, "Quaaack!"  The anticipation was really fun!

Music / Movement:

We love the "Popcorn" song and today we spruced it up with some white pom poms from Oriental Trading.  There are lots of recorded versions of the popcorn song out there.

Flannel / Prop Rhyme:
"Mama Duck" by Peter & Ellen Allard
Here comes the Mama Duck - Quack!
Here comes the Mama Duck - Quack!
Here comes the Mama Duck and one little duckling - Quack!
(Keep adding "quacks!" and ducklings as the song goes on.

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  1. Miss Tara - I love this! Thanks for the creative inspiration. I'll have to order the book on Monday. yay! ~ jane