Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fairy Habitats

Fairy Habitats (kid/tween program)

As the kids entered the room, they got name tags and a copy of their fairy names.  The website is

The kids had the chance to pick out their fairy house and flower pot while waiting for everyone to arrive and check in.  I had a set up some fairy materials (series, non-fiction, media) for them to browse through and check out.

Once everyone was settled, we talked about some famous fairies from books and movies.  How many can you name?:
Constructing their fairy habitats:
We planted fast-growing grass seed on the side with all the soil.
This autumn leaf habitat was created by one of our guys, Garrett
That frog sure is enjoying the fairy pond!
I'm pretty sure some fairies will be shedding some shimmery fairy dust tonight from all their fluttering around these gorgeous habitats!


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