Friday, October 5, 2012

Flannel Friday - Chocolate chip ghost

Ghosts are white!  They are supposed to only eat white things...milk, yogurt, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, mashed potatoes....

Well these ghosts got adventurous and wanted to try new foods!
This ghost ate an apple.  What color do you think he turned?

This ghost drank some grape juice.  What color do you think she turned?


This ghost ate a chocolate chip cookie.  What color did he turn?  I usually get puzzled looks and then a bunch of laughter when I turn the last one over.


  1. So cute! It is always a fun surprise when you can make reversible story pieces. I'll bet your little ones wanted to play with your ghosts over and over again. :o)

    My favorite? The Chocolate Chip ghost ~ of course! Wouldn't it be fun to give our storytime friends a chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a ghost for snack? Lol!

    Thanks for sharing this week. You did an awesome job with this flannel! <3

  2. This is great! I LOVE reversible flannel pieces! Thanks for sharing!